Why Use Us

In addition to the team's expertise and track record, another major benefit of using us is to save time. Instead of having to approach numerous lenders and go through the process of conducting the same application process on multiple occasions, let us do all of that running around for you. We would then be able to present some tangible options before a fully informed meeting takes place with the most appropriate lender.

We are hugely respected by the commercial lending market to the extent that many lending institutions refer business to us that is bankable but outside of criteria or policy. Our reputation has also lead to us being appointed to a number of exclusive broker panels:

  • Strategic Partner of Shawbrook Bank
  • Gold Key Partner of Interbay Commercial
  • Master Broker for Hampshire Trust Bank
  • Gold Partner for Dragonfly Property Finance

Many smaller brokers do not have direct access to such lenders and have to utilise the services of a 'packager' which often can lead to communication issues and time delays.

We operate with the upmost integrity and are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as well as being full members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers.